Garage Epoxy Flooring expert in Buena park, Ca

We have worked with various industries, designing and installing epoxy flooring for all types of functions. Our multi-step process ensures that your epoxy flooring comes out right the first time.

Have you had epoxy flooring installed, and it didn’t come out quite right? We also fix epoxy work done by other companies who failed to do the job correctly the first time. We believe that every business and garage should have the floors it deserves.

We specialize in epoxy floor coating solutions, including surface crack repair and concrete grinding. Our team of professionals has experience in both residential and commercial flooring, making us the top epoxy specialists in Epoxy floor coating that is moisture resistant and anti-dusting. As you may know, concrete flooring can shed, which means that customers and vehicles can track dust and dirt into your establishment. Even the bare minimum foot traffic can kick up dust and collect on cars, storage, and items.

Not only is epoxy resistant to water, moisture, and dust, it’s also chemical-resistant, which is key for commercial garages.

Mechanics and hobbyists alike value epoxy flooring because oil, brake fluids, anti-freeze, gasoline, and other chemicals are no match for this flooring. In fact, these chemicals can even sit on the floor and wait to be cleaned up.

How will I benefit from epoxy flooring?

Most traditional flooring methods depend on a subfloor area beneath them to provide enhanced stability, which is especially important when working with hollow materials such as wood. While these common surfaces are attractive when utilized indoors, they are rarely of much use when it comes to the flatter layers of your garage. Rather than using a solid epoxy substance, Buena Park Epoxy Flooring Pros uses a liquid epoxy material that has been combined with a resin hardening agent for durable flooring projects.

Another reason why garage floor epoxy continues to be a popular choice for many is the little amount of care it requires each year. Regular sweeping and washing are generally sufficient to address the majority of issues.